Dear Miss. Arafa,

Hope you are well.

I just wanted to thank you for your on-going support and for your willingness to be there for your patients, especially in these very difficult times, when your calm and compassionate manner is so reassuring and much appreciated. Thank you so much.


'Miss Arafa is very kind, respectful, caring and professional gynaecology consultant who is genuinely interested in her patients' wellbeing on all levels. I had the most pleasant, comforting and reassuring experience during my consultations. She oozes maturity, culture and understanding as much as thorough knowledge and systematic approach which leaves no detail unaddressed. Equally, she collaborates with a diagnostic team of the highest order who equally excellent with their compassionate professionalism and expertise. Should I need gynaecologist, again, I will certainly be back to Miss Arafa. She is just wonderful'


My consultation with Miss Arafa was very reassuring and comforting. I appreciated her calmness, clarity and honesty with me. I have everything crossed that there can be a resolution for my condition and appreciate all her efforts to help me. All the very best,


Amazing service, the admin team have been super fast and very clear in answers. I really appreciate this and I truly thank you for all your help. , I really liked howMiss Arafa s listened to my situation and questions, and that she was interested in that I comprehend everything she was saying. Without any doubt, if I ever need again a gynaecological service, I will call you!
Best regards,


Dear Venus clinic team
I would like to thank you following my recent visit.
Would you please convey my thanks to Ms. Arafa and say how delightful it was to be in her company again for a little while and how much I value her attention and reassurances. To know that she is there is immensely comforting.


As I finished my treatment with you. I just want to thank you for your excellent diagnosis and prescription and for being so friendly and attentive to me. I'm so happy I've found a doctor like you & I will see you soon for follow up appointments.

Thank you & Best wishes,


I can't thank Dr Aliaa Arafa enough for being exceptional during my care. Miss Arafa is an experienced consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She followed me during a special case and solved the issue capably, with clear explanations of the procedures needed and being available to see me not only during weekdays but also on a Saturday when I needed. During the appointments, she was kind and polite. She transmitted much expertise and made me feel comfortable at any stages of the care. I would highly recommend her to any other patients who are looking for knowledgeable consultants in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London. Grazie e a presto!


I'm writing to extend my gratitude and thanks for Miss Arafa outstanding medical services that was provided to me during my pregnancy and delivery at the Portland hospital. I have chosen my first pregnancy at the Portland hospital and Miss Arafa was my first doctor. I received such a professional care and treatment which made me decide to come for my next pregnancies. I had a total of three C-section deliveries with her, and to be honest, her care and friendliness made it so comfortable as she was always stood there to ease the pain with her care.Miss Arafa shows quality and professionalism with her patients, she would answer all my questions, respond to my concerns and managed my complications with care and love. She made it easier and made me less nervous. I had great outcomes post deliveries and no complications. She's wonderful. My special thanks to Miss Arafa, I would recommend any woman to choose her for her pregnancy as she's certainly the best in the U.K.


I would like to say how incredibly supportive Dr Arafa has been throughout my care. I have been seeing Dr Arafa since being 12 weeks pregnant. She has been a great support emotionally as I have been extremely anxious about examinations and labour. She was available via phone throughout the pregnancy and always responded quickly and efficiently to any communication. During appointments everything was explained well and she is very experienced. I was always able to get appointments and only occasionally was she running late due to unforeseen circumstances which I was always understanding of being the nature of her profession. I was always kept up to date and often called in advance of any last minute changed to appointments.At 26 weeks I developed Glucose Intolerance and she referred me for blood tests and very quickly arrange for me to have an appointment with a consultant diabetologist within a few days. I had some complications at 37 weeks and Dr Arafa available straight away to meet me at the Portland. This resulted in me having an emergency Caesarean Section. The healing for my operation was very quick and relatively straight forward with no complications. The incision itself is very small and after 4 weeks has healed very well. I would highly recommend anyone who is anxious to see Dr Arafa as her bedside care and clinical skills and knowledge are exemplary.


I would like to thank Miss Aliaa Arafa for her excellent care when I gave birth at the Portland hospital . Miss Arafa was the consultant who was leading my birth from the 5th month until the labourstarted . She was thankfully taking care of me all time and controlling the labor carefully without any panic or stress. She is a wonderful Doctor and she was treating me as one of her family in a professional way. She is so kind and lovely and very friendly. I really enjoyed my time in the Portland Hospital and I recommend any One to give birth with a consultant led under Miss Arafa. I like to thank all the Portland Hospital team and management for their fantastic Hospitality and care .The Portland Hospital is the best Hospital in the UK.

N Al D

I have had two consultations with Dr Aliaa Arafa in the past week and I found her an extremely charming and sympathetic person with a reassuring and professional manner.


We started seeing Miss Arafa early on during the pregnancy, initially to complement the NHS-provided care, because I felt that I was falling through the cracks with my GP. While we went on to do the 13 week and 20 week scans through NHS, by the second trimester,Misss. Arafa was certainly my main care provider and go-to for any questions or concerns. She has been extremely helpful, caring and understanding, taking the time to explain the results, and raised my awareness to certain aspects that I needed to be more careful. I was always welcome and attended to Miss Arafa was very considerate and I never felt rushed. If anything popped up in between visits, I could always contact Ms. Arafa through her very helpful assistant who would answer very promptly. The wait in the waiting room was never significant, which I appreciated since my office is at the east end of the City. Pregnancy - while a great and exciting experience - does come with a lot of worries, concerns and, of course, some bureaucracy - the visits to Ms. Arafa's office were little oases where I felt safe and comfortable, where someone I trusted was taking care of me. Thanks very much for all her great help!


Dr. Arafa is an excellent and very professional doctor with wonderful bedside manners. She has hold my hand during very difficult fertility issues and has been there for me every time that I have needed her. She is very responsive to her patients queries and listens to their concerns. In addition, she provides a great level of guidance. She definitively goes the extra mile to help her patients. Since I move to the UK from the US, she has been there for me and is very open to other medical views and options. I highly recommend doctor Arafa's services.


I am writing as a recent patient of Miss Aliaa Arafa at the Portland Hospital. The quality of the care and attention that myself and my family received from Miss Arafa were of such high quality . My situation was such that I found myself under NHS care throughout my pregnancy and was eventually 12 days overdue with declining physical and emotional health, increasing concern for my unborn child and no prospect of changing my course of treatment from an induced vaginal birth at 14+ days overdue or seeing a consultant on the NHS. Miss Arafa agreed to see me at short notice at this point and having assessed the situation took us under her care which resulted in her taking away all our stress, moving heaven and earth to get us the best treatment at short notice and then having a successful emergency Caesarean section within 48 hours of first contacting her. We will now have a lovely Christmas thanks to the safe arrival of our precious baby girl for which me and my family are incredibly grateful to Miss Arafa and all the team at the Portland. I strongly feel we would have had a very different Christmas and really bad outcome if we had not had the good fortune to meet Miss Arafa and come under her care.


I have the greatest confidence in Dr Arafa and would recommend her without a moment’s hesitation. vDr Arafa is extremely professional and has always put me at ease, which in these delicate matters is never easy. She has kept me informed of what is going on in a manner that I can understand, without too much medical jargon. She has done her utmost to get results back quickly and responds immediately to any worries I may have.


I would like to thank Miss Arafa and all the Portland Hospital team who has helped my wife during her antenatal care and delivery. It has been a great joy and wonderful experience having our first son ' Talal' at the Portland. I am also very grateful to Miss Aliaa Arafa for her continuous advice, care and support throughout my wife's pregnancy and after delivery. Miss Arafa was always helpful, available and we have been delighted having her as a consultant obstetrician to look after my wife. She has been very friendly, supportive and working hard during our journey in this pregnancy and delivery. The wards are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciations and we highly recommend Miss Arafa to all expectant mums who would like to have a private care.


My wife and I recently delivered our fifth child with Miss Arafa as our consulting obstetrician at the Portland Hospital in London. We had been planning to have the baby at home, and given that it was our fifth child, we expected things to go pretty smoothly. What we had not counted on was going overdue, which we did, by two weeks, and that necessitated labour induction. We reached out to Miss Arafa at the very last minute (over the Easter holiday), and she was incredibly accommodating, and agreed to see us immediately and despite not having ever seen my wife as a patient prior to 42 weeks, she agreed to take her on. Her level of expertise and experience was extremely comforting to us, and her care and compassion was extremely evident. She approached the entire process as a “team” effort, engaging my wife and I in every decision made during the entire induction and delivery. I do not have words to recommend Miss Arafa highly enough. She is not only an experienced and competent professional, but she is a caring and empathetic person. Combined, it made for a beautiful birth experience as we welcomed our little girl into the world.

J & JW

I would like to thank Miss Arafa for the excellent care I received from her as my consultant for this delivery. Having had a nightmarish previous birth, I was naturally sceptical and anxious about this pregnancy. My first meeting with you however, was enough to quell all my fears - her confident outlook and assuring manner put me at ease. During my prenatal appointments, I constantly felt reassured and positive about the delivery; she was literally a phone call or test message away with every question or concern I had. The fact that she could even do ultrasounds personally was a major plus, since I was based outside of London, I did not have to manage several different appointments; you took care of everything under one roof! My delivery was as perfect as could be, I arrived at the hospital to find everything arranged in perfect synchrony by her. We did not have to rush through anything as everything had been taken care of earlier. Since everything went as planned, my recovery process was also faster, and I suffered no post natal depression as had happened with my previous delivery. In all, I truly enjoyed my pregnancy and delivery, thanks to the wonderful care Miss Arafa provided as my consultant. I look forward to having her as my consultant for my next pregnancy as well!

M & W

I am writing to thank Dr Arafa from our heart for her high quality services. We appreciate her advices and her care. This was our first time we expect a baby , we felt anxious and uncomfortable at the beginning but she made us feel more reassured and very comfortable. We would love to give birth again with herwith no hesitation for her high quality care and expertise


I would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Arafa for her fantastic care. This was my first experience at the Portland Hospital and Miss Arafa was absolutely brilliant. Her warmth, kindness and professionalism put me completely at ease and made what could have been quite a daunting procedure actually a pleasure! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Miss Arafa to friends and family and will always return to her for future gynaecological care.


I would like to pass on my most sincere thanks to Miss Arafa for her care. She was so very kind and I'm most grateful to her for her help, reassurance, and recommendations. I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting her again one day, maybe when I have a baby on the way!


First allow me to thank Miss Arafa for everything she have done for me and for her professionalism. I really appreciate it. I would like to say, I have been suffering for months and nothing worked with NHS before I decided to go private. I was extremely lucky to fall into the hands of Miss Aliaa Arafa who was very professional and full of experience and knowledge. Within a week I was checked, diagnosed and treated! I felt I am in a very safe hands and Top quality service. Highly recommended without hesitation." . Once again thanks very much for Miss Arafa for everything.


Miss Arafa is an excellent and very professional doctor . She helped me for various fertility issues and has been there for me whenever I needed her expertise. She is very good listener to her patients needs and concerns.I felt very lucky to see her and am very happy with all the help and advise she has given me. I highly recommend Miss Arafa's services to every women who need a gynaecology help and expertise.


I went to Dr Aliaa Arafa at the Portland Hospital for Women and Children when I first found out that I was pregnant. Dr. Arafa provided me with outstanding services. She listen to me and took the time to answer all the questions and to respond to all my concerns that I was having with the pregnancy. She asked thorough questions about my history. She is straight to the point, nice, friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. An overall excellent doctor and five start services.


Dr. Arafa is an excellent Gynaecologist. Patient, understanding and very competent. I felt immediately in safe hands and that I could trust her. She is very approachable, being available on email replying quickly to enquiries. I felt very reassured and relaxed under her care especially with an easy and direct access to her and her office.


I would like to thank Miss Arafa from our heart for your high quality services, my wife and I appreciate her advice and your care. This was our first time to experience having a child and her calm and friendly manner made us feel more relaxed and happy . We felt reassured by her continues care, professionalism and expertise. We are both delighted to have her as our consultant and we always remember her help and support. Our best wishes for Miss Arafa.


I have the greatest confidence in Dr Arafa and would recommend her without a moment’s of hesitation. Dr Arafa is very experienced and extremely professional. She has been there for me during some difficult time. She has very good communication and I was updated of what is going on in a simple manner that I can understand. She has done her utmost to reassure me andanswers immediately to any worries I may have.


Thank you very much to Miss Arafa and all her team who has helped my wife during her delivery. I am very grateful to her for her continuous advice, care and support throughout my wife's pregnancy and after delivery. Miss Arafa was always helpful, available and we have been delighted having her as a consultant obstetrician to look after my wife. I would like to also thank all her fantastic staff who has been very friendly, supportive and working hard during our stay.


Our experience with Dr Arafa was wonderful. She was always friendly and professional and she knew exactly what she was doing. Our experience with Dr Arafa was the most comfortable. I cannot thank her enough and I would highly recommend her to everybody else.


The quality of the care and attention that myself and my family received from Miss Arafa were of such high quality that I felt compelled to write about her excellent care and expertise Me and my family are incredibly grateful to Miss Arafa . We had the good fortune to meet her and to come under her care. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking medical help for any female health problems.


I would like to thank Dr. Arafa and I am so please to have doctor like her. I was so down and hopeless when I came to her first time. She has givne me courage and diagnosed what's actually wrong with me .I am so happy with my treatment it has helped me a lot . It won't be easy with her your help and guidance. Many thank for all her help and support. I will strongly recommend her to all the ladies who suffering from health issue like me.


“My husband and I came to the UK while I was 20 weeks pregnant. We looked for a consultant who could help me with my pregnancy especially when it was my first baby. I was anxious and I had a lot of concerns and questions. I started my antenatal care and follow up my with Miss Arafa at the Portland Hospital. She helped me a lot, explained clearly and addressed all of my concerns. I enjoyed my pregnancy since I was looked after very well by Miss Arafa who arranged regular checks and visits to ensure the healthy development of my baby till delivery of my beautiful baby. She was very caring, kind and understanding. I would recommend Miss Arafa with no hesitation to anyone who is looking for an excellent experienced consultant for the best pregnancy outcome.