Self Pay and Health Insurance:

    Medical insurance cover: How it works for our services?

    Venus Women’s health clinic London is recognised by all the major UK insurers and are fee assured with AXA and BUPA. There are a wide range of medical insurances and most treatments should be covered by them. Patients who are covered with any UK insurance would only be requested to pay for their shortfall or excess or items not covered in their policy.

    For Insured Patients:

    Venus Women's Clinic London and Miss Arafa have tied up with insurance clearance from the listed companies and we would like to work together with them. However, if your insurance company is not listed below, let us know about it and we will help you to arrange the necessary authorization with them.

    At Venus Women health clinic, we would do everything to help our patients with their fees. We try to reduce our fees as low as possible while we are providing the highest quality of care. We have a very transparent approach to explain the cost associated and we also offer competitive packages if needed and whenever possible.

    What you need to do with your medical insurance?

    We welcome insured patients and we always advise them to obtain the authorization code/number from their insurers. The authorization code they provide you would normally cover for both initial consultation and follow up visit but you need to check this with your insurance company.

    What you need to know about our services:

    You might be requested by your insurance to get a referral letter from your GP, before they can authorize the initial consultation. However, we don’t necessarily request a referral from your GP. You can simply refer yourself and book an appointment if your insurance agreed.

    If you do not have a GP, then we can arrange a private GP practice that you can use. Alternatively, we can suggest the most appropriate course of action for you to take based on your condition and individual circumstances.

    Patients with international insurance or insurance outside the UK would be expected to settle their fees and claim the costs back from the insurance company by themselves. We do not deal with the overseas insurance companies.

    Would the medical insurance cover the cost of my treatment?

    Gynaecology care is normally covered by private health insurance but please check with your provider. If your insurance company has approved the procedure required, simply inform us your policy and authorisation numbers before the treatment begins. For Obstetrics, private health insurance usually won’t cover pregnancy costs.

    Fee Information for Self-Paying Patients:

    We appreciate that cost can be an important factor when considering private health services. We are very transparent with our fees and offer reasonably discounted packages where possible whilst keeping a top quality care which might be not available in many other places. We are proud to provide you with excellent care and highly professional service in a very friendly atmosphere, second to none.

    What are your fees?

    The cost of treatment is dependent on your individual case. The fee is always fully explained with complete transparency prior to the start of the treatment. Our standard prices are listed on our fees page section.

    For self paid patients, How can I pay?

    After your treatment is completed, you can pay by cash or credit card or on line banking at the time of your consultation. Please check with our admin team if you are unsure or have any questions.

    If you are self-paying, you don’t need a referral from your GP. You can simply refer yourself and book an appointment.

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