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Our Cancellation Policy:

Venus Women clinic is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. When you cancel without giving enough notice, you prevent another patient from being seen. This can cause unnecessary disruption for our clinic and lead to delays.

We understand that there are times when you might miss an appointment due to emergencies or obligations for work or family. However, when you do not call to cancel an appointment, you may be preventing another patient from getting much needed treatment. Conversely, the situation may arise where another patient fails to cancel and we are unable to schedule you for a visit, due to a seemingly “full” appointment book.

For this reason, we require a £150 deposit at the time of booking in order to secure your appointment. This fee confirms your intention to attend and will be deducted from the cost of your initial consultation. The remaining balance must be paid on the day of your appointment. If an appointment is cancelled less than three working days before it is scheduled to take place, your deposit will be retained in lieu of a cancellation fee and you will be held responsible for the full consultation fees.