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You are the centre of our care. To help you to make your informed choice and for the peace of mind, many women choose to pay for a private gynaecological care that is affordable to them and simply isn’t available in a timely manner when they needed it at the NHS. When you go privately, Our appointment times are very flexible and you can have the choice which would suit you. While you are meeting a very experienced professional, you will be unrushed to discuss all your concerns. Many of our clients are enjoying the friendly service, a calm and comfortable environment for a consultation. All of which combine to make care provided by our unique services in Venus clinic which is a second to none.

Our Charges

Below is a list of our charges. Treatment cost will tailored to suit you and will be dependent on each case individually. We have a very transparent system where our fees will always be fully explained in detail before any treatment. While we are committed to give you the best quality of care, we are trying to keep our fees as low whenever possible


Item Fee per Item From
A private consultation (thirty min) flexible £300
Initial Antenatal consultation £330
Follow up Antenatal consultation £330
Extended Consultation over 30 min & up to an hour £350
An Emergency consultation, or an appointment on Sunday £400
A follow-up consult of 15 minutes within one month flexible £280
Repeat prescriptions issued within twelve months £180

The Well Woman check from £395.00

Item Fee per Item From
Our level 1 health screen £495

Level 1 –

  • Full medical and social history
  • Weight and blood pressure
  • Breast examination and examination of the pelvic organs and abdomen
  • A full blood count
  • Random blood sugar level and calcium
  • Liver function and kidney function tests
  • Testing for lipid profiling
Item Fee per Item From
Our level 2-health screening £595

Level 2 –

All the points of Level 1 as well as:

  • CA 125 ovarian screening.
Item Fee per Item From
Our level 3-health screening From £750

Level 3:

All the points of Level 1 as well as:

  • CA 125 ovarian screening
  • A breast mammogram
Item Fee per Item From
Cervical smear test (with no consultation) £200
Cervical smear test (with consultation and history taking) £400
Ovarian cancer screening £490
Breast screening consultation £250
Breast screening consultation + ultrasound or Mammography £450

At the Venus clinic we also offer a comprehensive sexual health screen for both sexes.

Mini sexual health screen to check for:

  • HIV
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia

Costing: £250

Full sexual health screening including checks for: (£450.00)

  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis C

Costing: £450

Fertility screen

Fertility screening with ultrasound will check the antral follicle count and the level of Antimullerian hormone present. Results will be sent directly to you with a simple explanation to understand your fertility level, from the consultant.

Cost: £550

Item Fee per Item From
Mini consultation and ovulation scan £300
Full fertility scan to include endometrial thickness measuring £280
Endometrial thickness follow-up scan £180
Scan for follicle tracking £250
Ovarian fertility reserve scan £300
Short consultation, fertility screen with an ultrasound scan and a blood test + £550

Abnormal Smear & Colposcopy

Item Fee per Item From
Consultation £250 and Colposcopy £450 with no hidden charge

Pregnancy scans by your consultant

Item Fee per Item From
Scan to confirm pregnancy / Reassurance scan ( From 6 weeks) £250
Viability and dating scan for early pregnancy £250

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Harmony Prenatal Test including consultation

We can also arrange for all other different obstetric scans including:

  • NT scan & Down syndrome screening
  • Detailed anatomy scan or 20 weeks scan
  • Serial growth scans
  • Fetal wellbeing scan
  • UAD and MCA Doppler studies
  • Cervical length

Price would depend on wither it is single, twin or multiple pregnancies.

Harmony Package: From £800.00

  • 30 minute consultation with consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist including:
    • full medical history
  • Ultrasound scans:
    • From 10 weeks scan with Harmony Test
    • 12 weeks nuchal translucency scan
  • Urine dipstick, body weight and blood pressure check during consultation
  • Harmony Test* checking for trisomy 21,18 or 13
  • Nuchal translucency test (scan and blood test)*
  • Detailed medical report
  • Access to consultant Obstetrician to answer any queries
  • A consultation with Dietician specialist if needed .This will incure an extra cost if desired
  • In certain circumstances during first trimester, an additional scan may be required for some clinical indication with an additional charge of £150.
  • In certain circumstances, It may be necessary to charge for incremental consultations, these will be confirmed beforehand.

Family Planning

Item Fee per Item From
Insertion of copper Coil with consult and follow-up £600
Removal of coil with consult and a check up £400 (if threads visualised)
Insertion of MIRENA coil £600 (to include consult with check up and follow up at 6 weeks)

Gynaecological Surgery

Item Fee per Item From
Diagnostic Hysteroscopy Price on application
Operative Hysteroscopy Price on application
Removal of difficult coil using hysteroscopy Price on application
Vaginal wall cyst removal Price on application
Bartholin’s cyst Marsupialization Price on application
Bartholin’s cyst incision Price on application
Manual Evacuation of the uterus under general anaesthesia Price on application
Gynaecological surgery and laparoscopy, removal of fibroids, etc. will be discussed at your consultation

HPV vaccine prices

From £750.00 include consultation and 3 doses HPV vaccine

Please check with us on booking if you need Gadsail 9 specifically since we experience currently a national shortage of this vaccine.

Pre-Pregnancy Health screen

COSTS from £750 (Including consultation and blood tests)

  • 30 minute consultation with a consultant gynaecologist with pre-pregnancy advice
  • Abdominal and pelvic examination
  • Blood tests including :
    • Full blood count
    • Blood group and rhesus type
    • Kidney and liver function
    • Calcium & Vitamin D
    • Thyroid function test
    • Lipid profile
  • Comprehensive report
  • Swabs and smear are also available at your choice at an additional cost. This will be explained to you beforehand if needed

Will my costs be covered by medical insurance?

Gynaecology care will usually covered by private health insurance but you should always check with your private health provider. If your insurance company approves the required procedure, just let us have your policy details and authorisation number. In Obstetrics, private health insurance will not normally cover the costs of pregnancy scans.

How do I pay?

After treatment is complete, pay by cash or with a debit/credit card. If you have given us an authorisation number, we will get the payment directly from your medical insurance company.

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