HPV Screening

HPV Screening

What is HPV?

HPV or human papilloma virus is a common sexually transmitted infection. It is generally harmless and goes away by itself. However, some types may cause growth of genital warts or cancer. 

HPV Screening:

There are more than 100 different kinds of HPV where some might result in non-cancerous skin warts that are usually found on the feet and hands.

Almost 40 types of HPV may affect genital area and these can be divided into those that do not have any risk for cervical cancer called low risk and those which may cause cancer such as anal, cervical, vulval and some head and neck cancers called high risk types. Non cancerous genital warts might result from low risk HPV 6 and 11 types. On the other hand, high risk types are most likely to cause cervical cancer that includes HPV 16 and 18.

How can you get HPV?

HPV can spread easily from sexual skin-to-skin contact with someone who already has it. You get it when your cervix, vulva, vagina or anus touches someone’s genitals, throat and mouth that usually happen during intercourse. HPV may spread even if the penis does not go inside the anus/vagina/mouth.

HPV is the most common STD, but this is not a big deal anymore. It usually goes away by itself and most people do not know that they ever had HPV. Most people who have sex get HPV at some point of time in their lives. You do not need to feel afraid or ashamed.

Most people with HPV do not show any symptoms or health problems. Sometimes HPV may be the reason for genital warts. There are some kinds of HPV that can cause cancer.

Types of HPV Testing:

HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus is common. It is considered a sexually transmitted infection which is generally harmless but it can also lead to abnormal cells, genital warts or cancer.

At venus Women’s Clinic, we offer the HPV screening test for all women in London. We offer an easy and simple HPV screening which can help to detect the HPV at an early stage. There are about different 100 subtypes of HPV. Some of this HPV can cause genital warts while other might result in the development of skin warts on feet and hands

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