Cervical screening & Cervical smears

Cervical screening & Cervical smears

Cervical screening is taking a sample of the cervical cells for cytology studies. The cytology is the examination of cells under a microscope. This will enable quick investigation of those at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer and reassurance of those at very lower risk. The test may also lessen several unnecessary colposcopies and screening appointments among women with mild cervical screening cytology/ borderline results or who have already been treated for the abnormal cells.

The sample of cells will be analysed in the laboratory to detect high risk HPV infection. In case the cells have been infected with HPV testing, then you need to perform these things to get cured.

At Venus Women’s clinic we can perform both cervical smear and HPV test with same sample of cells that have been taken during a cervical screening test. 

Abnormal smear tests:

If your smear test result came to show that you have an abnormal cells, We can definitely help you at Venus Women Clinic where we can provide HPV Triage. This is used when a woman has cervical screening result of mild dyskaryosis or borderline. The same sample of cells used during cervical screening analysis is tested to detect high risk HPV infection. If the test is HPV positive, Miss Arafa can perform a colposcopy procedure for you in the clinic. If the test is HPV negative, then you can return back to routine screening.

The HPV test is necessary as it enables earlier identification of women who are in need for treatment. Women with either mild dyskaryosis or borderline have around 15-20% chance of significant abnormality only that requires treatment. If a woman does not perform HPV even though the screening result showed abnormal cells, then the risk of cancer present is almost negligible. Hence, the woman can return back to normal routine screening.

Test of cure

HPV testing is done to detect if a woman has been cured successfully after treatment for abnormal cervical cells. The HPV screening test will be provided to women who have already undergone treatment for cervical abnormalities. This test is done at the first appointment after together with cervical screening by cytology. This usually occurs within six months after the treatment.

If HPV is not identified and the screening test turns negative, then the woman has been treated successfully by removing abnormal cells and will return back to regular screening schedules. She will not need to perform another cervical screening test for at least three years. The HPV test will help to confirm that the woman does not have higher risk of developing further cervical abnormalities.

If HPV infection is found HPV positive or screening test shows an abnormality, then the woman will be referred to colposcopy again for further investigation.

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