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At Venus Women’s Clinic we are proud to offers a wide range of pregnancy scans at our clinic in Harley street. Our scans are arranged and delivered by a team of fantastic and experienced sonographers. We also can often offer same day and short notice appointments.
We can offer individual scans or pregnancy scan packages. If you are unsure what the best option is for you please call our team on 02073900260 or email us on and they will be happy to help.

What are Antenatal Scans?

Antenatal scans, also known as prenatal scans or obstetric scans, are ultrasound scans performed during pregnancy to inspect the baby’s development, the possibility of multiple pregnancies, and to study the internal body structures of your baby and detect any abnormalitiesor deformities.

How Do Antenatal Scans Work?

An antenatal ultrasound scan utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create a picture of your baby in your womb. During an antenatal scan, a clear water-based conducting gel is applied over the skin of your abdomen to assist with the transmission of the sound waves. A handheld probe, called a transducer, that emits sound waves and receives the rebound echoes from the tissue is moved over the abdomen area. The reflected “echoes” or sound waves are then translated into a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional picture on a screen that you will be able to see. Most antenatal scans are performed by a professional sonographer or a doctor and are totally painless with no adverse risks to you or your baby.

What are the Different Types of Antenatal Scans Involved During Your Pregnancy?

The various types of antenatal scans performed during pregnancy include:

  • Early PregnancyScan: This scan is also known as a viability scan or reassurance scan and is performed during the first trimester of your pregnancy between weeks 6 and 11 weeks. The scan reveals an image of the early pregnancy sac in the womb with the foetus inside the sac. It also checkswhether everything appears normal in the womb, whether your baby is growing as expected, and if you are having twins or triplets. We are happy to arrange this scan at our clinic in central London.
  • Dating Scan: This scan would be performed around 11 weeks and measures your baby head to toe to provide information about the estimated date of delivery. It also checks the basic anatomy of your baby at this stage, confirm if it single or multiplepregnancy and it can be combined with NT scan.
  • Nuchal Translucency Scan or NT Scan: This scan is a screening test which is performed during the first trimester of your pregnancy between week 11 and 13 weeks plus 6 days. It is helpful in detecting any chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down’s syndrome, Patau’s syndrome and Edwards syndrome in your baby. The scan also helps to detect rare genetic disorders or heart abnormalities. This scan may be performed either as part of your dating scan or separately.
  • Anomaly Scan or Mini-anomaly Scan: This scan is also known as a morphology scan or screening scan and is performed during the second trimester of your pregnancy between weeks 16 and 22. This is a detailed ultrasound scan and is primarily employed to evaluate your baby’s foetal anatomy and check for any abnormalities in the structure of important organs such as the heart, lungs, kidney, spine, abdomen, arms and legs, and can even detect for cleft lip and palate. It is also helpful in assessing the position of the umbilical cord, the placenta, the amniotic fluid around your baby, and your cervix and uterus.
  • Growth Scan: This scan is also known as a late pregnancy “welfare scan” and is performed during the third trimester of your pregnancy between weeks 26 and 40. It is employed for assessing the baby’s growth by measuring various parts of the body including checking the heartbeat of the baby. It is also helpful to establish the position of your baby and the location of the placenta in the womb, which helps your doctor to determine if it would be safe to deliver your baby vaginally or if a C-section may be required. The scan may also aid to confirm that your baby is growing well and the amniotic fluid in the womb is sufficient for your baby’s growth. At Venus Women’s clinic, we can help you to choose the type of scan you need and to decide for the best time to arrange it for you.
  • Doppler Scan: In certain cases, a special mode of antenatal ultrasound scan called Doppler scan may be required for specific conditions, wherein your baby is suspected to be anaemic or lacking adequate growth. Doppler scans are useful in providing additional information on the level of health of your baby and the status of blood flow between the placenta and baby. Miss Arafa can meet you for a consultation / or a scan only as you wish. Just call us and we are happy to help to arrange your scan as needed.
  • Well-Being Scan: This scan is usually performed around 32 weeks of pregnancy and is reserved for women who have had previous complications of pregnancy such as growth restriction, diabetes, preeclampsia, stillbirth, or women who are noted to have complications in the course of their current pregnancy. The scan helps to determine the estimated foetal weight and size of the foetal head, abdomen, and thigh bone, foetal heart rate, amniotic fluid index, sex of the baby, and overall development of the foetus.

If you would like to check your baby or if you develop any symptoms that might indicate a complication or problem during your pregnancy, Venus Women's Clinic Team/Miss Aliaa Arafa are happy to help you at every single stage of your pregnancy to make your pregnancy experience one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have.

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